As a Child I remember my father giving me a present of a Bayko set, I believe it was a set 15, or 14 and 14C. I think it must have been a sale or surplus stock as this was around 1962 when I believe Meccano were actually phasing the set out. Either way, I enjoyed playing with the set, making buildings that I could use to play with my Corgi and Dinky car collection. Years go on and I forgot all about Bayko and Corgi until I saw that the cars were being re-issued, and discovered Bayko on E-Bay last year, and nostalgia gripped me.


So I brought some Bayko, and started to construct homes for my new Corgi collection. I saw an article about 3D printing and got to thinking about making custom pieces compatible with original Bayko parts. After some experimentation, I started to make my first pieces, starting with basic brick tiles, moving on to windows and doors. I offered some of my new ideas on eBay which generated such interest, I decided to make this simple website to offer pieces from my ongoing projects to other enthusiasts.